The winery

The winery is located in the area of Pidna (Kitros) of Pieria and near the church of prophet Elias. Its premises were built in 2009 and their capacity of processing is 80 tones of grapes. It includes a well equipped place with modern machinery and stainless tanks for pre-fermentation cold soak treatment , tanks for the fermentation and stabilization of the wine and a controlled system of freezing to optimize the fragrance of the raw materials as well as possible. It also includes a place for the wine bottling which is done with semiautomatic bottling machines. There is also a celar in the basement where there are dozens of french barrels of oak for the maturation of the red wines and the fermentation of some white and rose wines.

Lastly, there is a room for the wine aging, in which large barrels are located on big wooden shelves, until they are used for consumption.
The hygiene of the winery and the production of high quality wines are the main goals of the winery.