Date of entry 03.29.2012

Two gold prizes and one silver were awarded to the Chrisostomou winery during the 12th international wine competition in Thessaloniki.

The 12th international wine competition ended with 76% of the wines to have gained, according to the statistics of the organizers, the points needed for a medal, but they were excluded because according to  the regulations the upper limit of awards of the participations is 30%. With 607 participants 2 big gold, 99 gold and 73 silver medals were awarded. The Chrisostomou winery which has won more awards in the past, managed to win two  gold and one silver medal. More specifically: Gold medals The white wine “Mouseos” yield of 2011 The white wine “En Pydna” yield of 2011 Silver   medal The red wine  «Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon» yield of 2010 These distinctions give prominence to the Chrisostomou winery which really owns exceptional wines and along with other distinctions the wine production of Pieria is designated, Pieria is advertised and as a result it starts to gain a significant place in the Greek or even the international wine production!\ Date of entry 3.30.2012

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